Concerns and Goals

To fly in a spaceshuttle to the space station, to communicate worldwide through the ethers, to discover the abdominal brain…..if we had told these things to our grandparents, they would have laughed out loud. Or they would have called us hopeless dreamers. That which is now an established part of our life and knowledge, would never have been possible without pure curiosity, desire for knowledge and pioneering work. But whoever wanted to look past the edge of the plate, never had an easy task. In the 16th century the earth was still considered the center of the universe. Men like Copernicus, Galilei, Kepler and Bruno fought, suffered and even died for their “erroneous beliefs”, that the earth was circling around the sun….

Progress is of course important for living and surviving. Yet traditional knowledge is as indispensable and valuable, a fact that often only becomes obvious, when it is sinking into oblivion. Therefore does it not suggests itself to bring them both together ? To become aware of what is already there, to transform it into a contemporary form and  expand it - and finally explain it ?

That is exactly the purpose and intent of what the empiricist and naturopath Peter Mandel has been calling Esogetic Holistic Medicine. Since the sixties Peter Mandel has been ceaselessly working on finding unconventional methods and useful syntheses, in order to treat disease at any level successfully with new promising methods - from the genetic predisposition to pain therapy. His system is based on the combination of traditional healing approaches and modern methods. It flourishes through the encounter of patient and therapist, and it is simple, transparent and conclusive in itself.

  •   Recognizing what creates the complaints.
  •   Finding connections between the ‘subjectively’ perceived disease and its cause.
  •   Offering solutions in the form of therapies that are as individual as the patients.
  •   Assistance in the recovery.
  •   Maintenance of health.

Today Peter Mandel’s Esogetic Holistic Medicine is successful worldwide. The network of its evaluation and therapeutic methods is expanded continuously. Increasing experience does open the doors to new protocols, which in turn improves the chances to become better at either avoiding more diseases or being able to treat them. Why scientific recognition is still important in spite of all the practical successes? Because human beings do not only want to know that something works, but they also want to know how. And also because evidence based medicine and science are growing into a rudimentary fellowship with shared interests, mutual encouragement and stimulation and fertilization of thought.

An exciting exchange has been developing. Like the one between the empiricist Peter Mandel and the biophysicist Prof. Fritz Popp. Peter Mandel developed colorpuncture in the eighties, Prof. Popp is an expert in the properties of biophotons. Two researchers, two approaches, one “medium”. No wonder that they are collaborating. Several decades ago Peter Mandel came up with therapeutic methods that were based on an insight, which science did not discover but much later: the abdominal brain. Meanwhile there is an entire branch of science, which focuses on the “feelings in the gut”: the neurogastroenterology.

A fellowship of similar interests would be without heart and soul, if it closed its eyes towards its basic intention, which does not only consist of the patients, but of all people who want to know more. More about their health, about our work, about a better preventative system of care and a more humane medicine. They all are our central focus. It is important to include them in an empirical - scientific development, which is more enthralling than any mystery story. Nothing is as exciting as the discovery of the secrets of life. And we are not anywhere near the end on that count. 

Would you like to read tracks? We will be demonstrating to you how an evaluation method works, that allows you to follow the symptoms back to their original source. We are explaining a gentle pain therapy to you, which does not have any side-effects, but surprising effects. You can experience how sound changes your subconscious or what “tricks” induction therapy uses to jumpstart the brain. Are you interested in your genetic mirror image? Or do you want to know how colors can be introduced into the body through predetermined channels? And how they rebalance cells and organ systems?

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