Peter Mandel Foundation for Esogetic Holistic Medicine

Founded in 1995 the Peter Mandel Foundation for Esogetic Holistic Medicine has the task and purpose of documenting and archiving established and future empirical information within the overall concept of Esogetic Holistic Medicine according to Peter Mandel. A structured allocation of research grants is intended to confirm and develop the concepts also from a scientific viewpoint.

 Thus the Foundation is creating a tangible and explainable framework, which is transparent and comprehensible for therapists as well as for patients and other interested people. At the same time scientific research into the operating mode of different methods is meant to support their establishment within natural medicine.

The Foundation closely collaborates with the International Mandel Institute for Esogetic Holistic Medicine and the Sponsors of Esogetic Holistic Medicine e.V., who are passing on the Esogetic concepts in professional trainings or lay seminars.

In all questions concerning the natural sciences or philosophy the Foundation receives the support of the Scientific Committee. The Committee consists of well-known capacities from different areas of research ad medicine. Among others the members of the Committee are the biophysicist  Dr. Fritz Popp from the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BIOPHYSICS e. V. in Neuss, Ms. Professor Chang vom CHAOS- FORSCHUNGS-INSTITUT of the University Bejing and the pediatrician Dr. Neeresh F. Pagnamenta from Locarno.


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