The Structure of the Training

On those pages you can read about the complete training in Energetic Emission Analysis, as well as the training in the therapies of Esogetic Holistic Medicine with the focus on Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel. Both trainings are offered in a very compact format, with the intention to use an intensive learning process to guarantee a training that is streamlined, efficient and quickly starts paying dividends.

On the other hand we are offering seminars which introduce self-contained systems like the OGT (Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy), the Induction Therapy or the Crystal Therapy according to Peter Mandel. These seminars can be attended without previous training in Esogetic Holistic Medicine. These systems can be integrated in any practice or treatment concept - and those who become acquainted with them will recognize the enormous new possibilities that open up! The program is completed with the update seminar and the practical workshops.

Peter Mandel's research takes into account the most current insights of medicine and science and repeatedly creates new results and therapies, which can be used in daily practice. These cutting edge developments, as well as structural innovations are passed on to trained therapists in the update.

The workshops then supply the necessary space to create a routine and gain confidence in using the acquired knowledge in a practice setting! The goal of our training concept is a dynamic presentation of complex knowledge and its application in daily practice. It is also our intention to share the successes of Esogetic Holistic Medicine through an international presence.

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